• CryptoFest 2018

    Token Design Competition

    26th Oct. - 7th Dec.

    Berlin · Shanghai

  • About Token Design Competition


    Most tokenized projects today focus too much on fundraising rather than on the practical token economy. Hence, JRR Crypto, BTC Inc., and LongHash organize a token design competition together, facilitating the exploration and research of real use-cases.

    At first, we will host a one-day kick-off event and open the registration channel in Berlin on 26th October 2018. Judges will then determine the best projects based on 6 award categories. The final award ceremony will be hosted in Shanghai on 7th December.

    It will be our honor to have your participation. Join us!

    如今,大多数设计通证机制的区块链项目过于关注筹资而不是实际的经济模型建设, 及商业模型的落地, 为了能够促进通证经济的健康发展,论证通证流通的经济价值。JRR Crypto,BTC Inc.和LongHash三方联合举办这场竞赛,以期探索区块链技术发展新应用,共同研讨数字经济发展新趋势。

    我们将于2018年10月26日在柏林站举办为期一个月的Token Design Competition的评选活动的启动仪式,并同时开启官方报名通道,进行预选项目报名。最终由专家委员会评选出6个奖项类别的最佳项目,将于12月7日在上海站颁布最终奖项。


  • Awards

    All projects will be evaluated for these 6 awards.

    Winners will receive:

    • Mentorship:Winners will have the opportunity to work one on one with a competition judge, receiving advice on strategy, token-economy, etc. 
    • Media support :The winning projects will be broadcasted over our media partners.
    • Meet-ups (in China):The JRR team will support the project during future  meetups and activities in China.




    • 导师机制:获奖者将有机会与竞赛评委一对一的工作,接受战略建议,通证经济解析指导等。
    • 媒体支持:获奖者将获得我们媒体合作伙伴的广泛宣传。
    • 推广活动:获奖者将有机会参加由JRR Crypto组织的基于该项目的推广等活动。


  • Judges 评审嘉宾

    James Gong


    Czhang Lin

    JRR Crypto

    Yanfeng Chen


    Derry Cao



    Zhen Cao

    JLAB, JD Capital


    Richard Wang



    Wayne Zhu

    Neo Global Capital


    Roland Sun

    Fenbushi Capital


    Ella Qiang






    Fei Xu

    J One Capital



    Gobi Ventures





    Asaf Shavit

    Digital Asset Partners


  • Grading Scheme

    Score consists of 40% weights in baseline factors, and 60% in its awarding sectors:

    Baseline Factors are:
    - token distribution
    - token functionality & utilities
    - complexity, both technical & economic
    - token appreciation logic






    • token分布
    • token技术的功能及实现
    • 技术和经济复杂性
    • token增值逻辑

  • Agenda

    Kickoff Ceremony


    26th, October 2018

    15:00-15:30 Registration
    15:30-16:00 Opening Speech
    16:00-16:30 Panel Talk 1: Judges' point of view for token design
    16:30-17:00 Panel Talk 2: Judges' approach towards token value on the cross-border and cross-business sector
    17:00-17:30 Panel Talk 3: Perspectives of token adoption
    17:30-18:00 Official kick-off of the "Token Economy Design Competition"

    18:00-18:30 Presentation from the participating projects

    19:00-22:00 Co-hosted cocktail and party with LongHash


    Awarding Ceremony


    7th December 2018 (Friday)​

    Private Room, Renaissance Hotel, Shanghai


      1. 方案提交(10月26日-11月30日)
      2. 决赛名单公布(11月30日)
      3. 颁奖盛典(12月7日)
    1. Enrolment Process


      Reading the grading scheme


      Preparing your deck and send to contact by 30 Nov.


      Receiving the confirmation to the final round by 30 Nov.


      Attending the awarding ceremony for the presentation in Shanghai

    2. Admission Fee

      The fees are strictly used to cover the cost of the selection and admission process, and to ensure that only teams who are serious about attending will apply.
      1. In order for your application to be considered for the competition, please pay exactly 1 ETH; and projects or teams that have been selected to attend the competition as finalists must pay another 2 ETH.
      2. The payment address will be communicated through e-mail after your submission.





      1. 为了保证质量,项目方案评审费用为1 ETH;初选中胜出的参加最终比赛的项目或团队需再支付 2 ETH。
      2. 方案提交后,收款钱包地址将通过邮件发送。

    3. Organizers

      JRR Crypto

      Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world's leading blockchain ecosystem investment group. JRR Crypto’s business is defined into 8 pillars, as such: blockchain incubators and industrial parks, business consulting, investment banking, blockchain industry funds, blockchain media, digital currency trading platforms, digital currency secondary market trading, and digital asset management. We don’t just invest but have unique growth plans for each of the pillars aligned with our unique investment strategy.

      The JRR Crypto Group has completed more than 40 early investments of blockchain projects and ecosystem, including but not limited to Binance, Bitmain, QuarkChain, Certik, Blockcloud, Fantom.

      BTC Inc.

      BTC Inc (rebranded from BTC Media), defined as a comprehensive service corporation, focuses on businesses including digital blockchain&cryptocurrency media, incubator, software development and investment. With the penetration of the crypto ecosystem, BTC Inc aims to unlock a tidal wave of economic freedom, innovation and opportunity out of the blockchain world. BTC Inc is headquartered in Nashville Tennessee and has offices in New York, Moscow and Shanghai.


      LongHash is a global blockchain incubator operating in 5 countries and to be expanded to 10 by Q2 2019. We provide tailored incubation services with an in-house technical delivery capability and exchange listing. Our incubation strategy is focused on early stage and tech-driven teams in key identified verticals such as decentralized finance and IOT, and we are on track to incubate a series of strong projects. LongHash's mission is to accelerate the development and understanding of blockchain technology.

    4. Submit your info

      Please submit your enrollment info, including your Name, Company Name, project deck for the competition to zbw@jrrcrypto.io by 30th Nov. Remember to read the Grading Scheme.





    5. Media Partners

    6. Strategy Media

    7. Strategy Media